Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Facts you must know about your Health Insurance in 2014

Our American Government has made health insurance mandatory. Each & every person will have to get insurance at or before 2014. Almost everyone is going to be affected by this including individuals, employees andemployers.

Individual Health Insurance

Individuals are required to have health insurance. If he or she does not have access to affordable employer coverage then other alternatives are to be explored. In such cases, the person can purchase coverage from a health insurance exchange. But they have to pay a premium for it with rare exception.

From Employers’ Point of View

Small businesses can purchase insurance coverage through a separate exchange called SHOP or from the Individual exchange. Large employers will need to pay more attention to their employee’s health insurance coverage. Because if their employees receive tax credits for their health insurance through theexchange , then that employer will be assessed some penalties. Small employers are exempt

Insurance Companies/Insurance Carriers

Significant regulations will be imposed on almost all health plans. This includes preventing the insurers from denying health insurance for any reason whatsoever. Current health status will not be used as a loophole to reject insurance or charge higher premiums.

Senior Citizens

All the senior citizens above age 65 will get benefits of expanded Medicaid. But for this they must be at 135% of the poverty level decided.

Get Health Coverage today

As stated above it would be mandatory for every individual to have health insurance from the start of 2014. If not, then there is going to be a penalty of the larger of $ 95 per person or 1% of incomein 2014. So definitely it makes sense for every American to get insurance coverage as early as possible.

Even though the indigent won’t be assessed a  penalty, it is clear that getting health insurance from a good company (which could be free) is in the best interest of us all.

How & Where to get Insurance Coverage

Now getting good, affordable health coverage could be a challenging task if you want to do it yourself. You would get information from each company and then compare it yourself. It will require much effort and still there’s no guarantee that you will choose wisely. It’s not surprising that 57 % of the adults who actively tried to buy insurance found it daunting and even impossible to get the rightcoverage for themselves.

To help all such individuals, employers and senior citizens, there is a great site which will do all the work for you. With as little as your zip code you will instantly be presented with the options of the most suitable insurance plans for you. This site is very beneficial for individuals, employers and even for students & senior citizens.  Best of all, the cost of the insurance is the same as if you went it alone because the cost is regulated by the government and it matters not how you purchased it.

So stop worrying about your insurance coverage or where to get it. Simply go to www.qqbenefits.com and get it done, Today.

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